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Welcome to "Extreme Hardcore Wrestling"

Welcome to Extreme Hardcore Wrestling. EHW is an E-Federation started up by Raj Singh, TheBigSGA, AdamEEF & Hunter Ryan in March 2013; EHW was created to put an end to all the boring, simple, copied E-Feds, EHW is a much more developed and practical, fair and fun way of E-Fedding. An original E-Fed is where there are Match Cards (the wrestling events e.g Raw) and an episode is made weekly by the cairmen of EHW, in the matches that consist of our very own Roster, the way to win is by getting the whole roster to vote on the matchs in the Match Cards, the superstars that have the most votes wins. Here in Extreme Harcode Wrestling we have gone stricktly against that, for winning is votes, and votes is nothing but favoiritism, people will vote for who they like more and that is an un-fair way to win the match. Here in EHW we still have the same ground rules, but insetad of Voting, we have a more fun and imaginate way to win, each superstar competing in a match card will promo for why they should win, you can use as much imagination and creativity as possible, then after a centain amount of days the General Manager will judge which ones are the best, and will annouce the winners, that way there is no un-fairness and it is more fun as had been explained several times now. EHW is a new E-Federation and still have far to yet become the best one around, but when it does it will be huge, this is because we are now on our breathtaking journey, and this is the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling ! ! !

Kind regards from Raj Singh, TheBigSGA, AdamEEF & Hunter Ryan

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